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The Ultimate Gift for Your Husband to be

      Congratulations on marrying your best friend. Our "For His Eyes Only" special collection is mainly for brides-to-be. A watch, some cuff links, or tickets to his favorite sport team are not the unique gift you would like to give the love of your life on your wedding day. You want your gift to your future husband to as special as you are.  Boudoir photography is one of the hottest trends in grooms’ gifts.   Your fiancé will get the kind of photo album he will love and cherish forever. Bridal boudoir photography is a very special, intimate pre-wedding photo shoot. A boudoir photo book will surprise and delight him. The look on his face when he opens the little black book is priceless.  It is probably one of the most personal gifts you can give the man you love.  

 It is a gift that is guaranteed to put a smile on his face.

Our "For His Eyes Only" special collection is mainly for brides-to-be. It is the perfect gift to give you future husband as a wedding gift. 

For His Eyes Only

2 1/2 hour session on location

4-6 outfit changes

 Custom elegant, high-end 20-page photo book

Professional Hair/Makeup

Book Only photos


I Make No Apologies. 

This is Me

     We believe every woman deserves the experience of a boudoir session.   Let this year be the year that you celebrate you. Embrace your beauty and make no apologies for who you are.  All your flaws and imperfections. Be courageous and own all that you are. For women it is hard to embrace our beauty,  but trust me you will feel amazing after a boudoir session. It will empower you, and you leave your session loving who you are.  


     A boudoir session is the perfect give to yourself. When you are looking through your boudoir album thirty years from now it will still warm your heart. You can tailor your session depending on your comfort level. It can range from intimate and flirtatious to straight-up sexy. I will always respect your privacy. Our Boudoir sessions are discreet and confidential.

No Apologies

This session is our most popular session.  

2 hours session on location

2-3 outfit changes

elegant, high-end 15-page photo book 

Professional Hair/Makeup

Book Only photos


Sophisticated  Lady

1 hour

Professional Makeup

1 outfit

20 images on a USB gift set


USB images only