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Preparing for your Boudoir Session


     Use your boudoir session as an excuse to pamper yourself.  Get a pedicure and manicure. When doing polish, we find it works best visually to have the polish on your nails and toes match.  If you polish is chipped, we’ll have you remove it before your shoot.


Bring Extra...

     You want to do this right, and every detail count. Since you are investing time and money into your boudoir session, you want to do it right, every detail count.  So, bring backup, in case of an unseemly rips (especially in certain areas) are the last thing that you want.

Spend Time Trying on and Testing Outfits

It’s no secret that our bodies change over time, we gain weight, we lose weight, we have children, we spend more time at the gym. Some things that used to look great on us just does not anymore, and some things that we couldn’t quite fit into years ago, we will rock now.  Also, clothes that have been in the closet or in the drawer for a while, depending on the material, will change with time - thanks to humidity and gravity and us not wearing them. So, if you bring an outfit for your session that you used to love but haven’t worn in a while, you might be in for a surprise.

Take the time to try on any and all potential outfits.

The day of your shoot, you want to feel confident and sexy. You never need an excuse to go shopping, but it’s nice to have one. Your upcoming Boudoir session is an excuse.

Lingerie isn't your only option.

    You'd be surprised what an oversized tee, cheeky underwear, and the right smile can do. If lingerie isn't your thing, chat with us and get ready to have one of the best Boudoir Experiences yet!



    Have a significant other? Grab something of theirs!

This is a fantastic way to personalize your shoot! Sneak out with one of his/her favorite things, and they're going to be pleasantly surprised when they see you sexing it up in your photos. Some examples:

1. Favorite tie

2. Dress shirt (Plain Coloured, ie. White, Black, etc)

3. Sports jersey

4. Baseball cap, or any other wearable.

Lingerie do’s and don’ts


    Lingerie is Important for your session. While you don't have to bring a ton of lingerie, we recommend all clients at least bring a very well-fitting black bra and panty set.


  • Get fitted for a bra. This is probably one of the single most important things you can do to prepare and look the best for your boudoir shoot.

  • DO have panties that match your bra! Even if you have beautiful and expensive pieces, please make sure you have at least one matching set.

  • DO feel free to over pack. We'll go through all the options you bring at the beginning of your shoot. We will select pieces based on what we know will photograph best. It's always better to have more to choose from!

  • DON'T choose low cut thongs or G-string panties. Thongs and G-strings have a tendency to make your butt look a bit flat. We recommend doing a cheeky panty or hipster. They make the butt look round and voluptuous! The only exception to this rule is body suits, high-waisted panties and teddies. They can look amazing with a thong!

  • DON'T buy thigh highs that are "stay-up" and have a silicon or plastic on the inside. No matter how thin you are, the stay-up stocking that use plastic to grip your skin will instantly give you sausage-leg. Either buy the higher end thigh highs made to be worn with a garter belt.

  • DON'T Bring in baby doll style lingerie. Many women are self-conscious about their mid-section. We all feel comfortable with a bit of loose flowy coverage. When you put more fabric at an area you're trying to hide, it highlights it and makes it look larger. We want to highlight your waist! If you're uncomfortable with your mid-section, try a high-waisted panty, teddy or bodysuit!

  • DO think texture! We recommend sticking with more solid colors over prints. Our favorite colors are black and jewel tones. We love any texture as it adds interest to your photographs. Lace, beading, glitter, straps, chains, etc.

  • DO bring VERY high heels. We love a good pair of flats in our day to day life. Boudoir though is a fantasy and it's true the higher the heel the better your butt looks. Even if you return them after your shoot, it's always a good idea to bring a pair of "do-me" shoes. We love black and nude pumps, with a spike heel and a pointed toe. Unless you love the shoe, we don't recommend ankle straps. Visually they shorten your legs.

  • DO bring larger scale accessories. Small and delicate jewelry won't photograph well. It's also hard to edit around. When choosing jewelry, think statement pieces! We love earrings over 10 mm in size. The more your jewelry catches the light, the better it will be to photograph.

Wear Loose Fitting Comfy Clothes to your Boudoir Session.

Skip the bra, skip the socks, skip the watch, and forget that belt, those tight jeans, and anything else which could leave an impression in your skin. It may seem like a small thing, but these lines can dampen the look of a great negligée. Besides, you want to relax and feel confident, and tight clothes are only going to restrict you.

Book your Appointment Date after Your Monthlies. Nobody wants to ruin a potentially empowering Boudoir session because they’re crabby, cramping, and bloated, Instead, book the week after your period when you are high energy and feeling normal again. Your boudoir photos will look better with no strings attached, really.

Drink Plenty of Fluids. Three words: Water. Water. Water. And make sure to avoid alcohol and salt, as these will turn your lovely skin to the texture of potato chips, which just isn’t pretty.

Rock Clothes that are Right for Your Body. Everybody’s different, and everybody is beautiful. Wear the clothes that you not only feel confident in but accent your incredible body. If you’re on a thinner side and want some curves, wear brighter colors and horizontal lines, there are so many decadent varieties of bra/panty combos that you’ll want for nothing in your quest for fabulousness.

If you’re on the curvier side and want to add some balance, try super-slimming fishnet stockings. Not certain how to dress your body the right way? Ask your boudoir photographer, they’ll have tons more tips for you as well, as they will know what will look great and what not so great.

Don’t Fake Tan. No sprays, no gels, no lotions. If you want a natural sun-kissed glow, and if you’re lucky enough to live in or near L.A. head to the beach, get it the right way (but don’t forget to wear sunscreen, SPF 15 or more, and watch out for those ghastly tan lines!), or, even better, book some sessions in a professional salon that has tanning beds, and do it in the nude (no unsightly lines this way). The last thing you want is to a) look like a sexy pumpkin or b) pay more than you have to in retouching fees.

 Touch Up the Basics

If you dye your hair, get your hair done the week of your Boudoir Session. Shave or wax everything, the day of if possible, and spring for a mani-pedi. You’d be amazed how these little details can make or break a photo session. These pictures are going to be around for a while, reminding you of just how awesome you look, don’t skimp the small stuff.

 Do Relax. It’ll be fun. Promise! If you are still looking for something special for your sweet heart! 

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